Strategies for Playing Roulette

If you want to increase your chance of winning at roulette to a significant extent, you absolutely need to apply some strategies. Certain methods that you will apply when using different strategies will ensure significant winnings for you in the short terms, while others guarantee earnings over a long period.

A player must be capable of choosing from the outset which technique is most convenient for him and refining it in the course of his turns. Since roulette is subject to the most absolute rule of chance, there are no truly infallible strategies, although some may be particularly effective. In this article, you will learn a certain number of techniques that allow you to improve your chances against the house edge.

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Always Prefer an European Roulette

When you intend to enjoy yourself by winning money at the roulette in both the short and the long term, you need to think carefully about the way that you will apply an effective playing strategy. In view of this, you should always prefer the European version, whatever casino you may choose. This is different from the American roulette because there is only one 0 present. With this measure, the house edge is reduced to 2.7%, which is evidently more attractive than the 5.26% house edge provided by an American roulette.

Always keep in mind that to this date no method exists that allows you to predict exactly where the wheel may stop. That's why your best option is to choose on-line establishments or ones on land that provide tables with rules that reduce the house edge as much as possible. These are factors that you have to keep in consideration if you intend to increase your chance of winning.

Apply the “In Jail” Rule

For roulette players, the so-called “en prison” rule offers numerous advantages. If you base your playing strategy on this method, you will not lose your outside bets placed on “Red/Black” or “Even/Odd” when the wheel stops at the number 0. This technique obtains its name from the fact that these bets stay captive on the roulette until the next turn.

The bets are returned to the player if he wins in the next round, with him benefiting from additional winnings. In the opposite case, he loses his bets. The process restarts once the wheel stops again at 0 when the bets are captive. With the so-called “en prison” rule, the casino's advantage is reduced to 1.35% if you opt for the European version of a roulette.

Avoid Betting on Certain Numbers

It may happen that the casino chosen by you offers American roulettes and not European ones. In such a case, it is important to keep in mind that you shouldn't bet on certain numbers. These are 00, 3, 2, 1, and 0, which are known for their negative impact on your chance of winning. It has been proven in practice that the 5 numbers mentioned above increase the house edge by 7.89%. That may not seem to be much, but applying this rule could help you avoid significant losses at the roulette.

Apply the “Share” Rule

“Share” is a very interesting rule that you can apply when devising your strategy of play at the roulette wheel. It is attractive because of its simplicity. The principle of this technique consists of the croupier and the player sharing the winnings obtained from three outside bets, which are “Pass/Fail”, “Even/Odd”, or “Red/Black” whenever the wheel stops at 0. This is a playing technique that possesses the advantage of reducing potential losses from players' bets by half. For example, if you are playing with a European roulette, this strategy allows you to reduce the house edge against you to 1.35%.

Other Methods to Use When Applying your Playing Strategy at the Roulette

Besides the classic martingale strategies advocated by the majority of roulette players, there are numerous methods used in order to win money. A noteworthy case is the Fibonacci system, which stands out from the classic martingale strategies due to its less aggressive nature. The increase of bets allowed here is of minor importance. What matters is that it allows the player to stay the course for more time and win from more turns. If you choose this technique, you should continue to increase your bets as a function of the sequence. Whenever you win during one turn, you should restart your sequence from the number 1. We could also mention the Labouchère method, which is one of the systems of graduated betting. A player who opts for this strategy chooses a series of numbers and places the total amount of bets that corresponds to the first and the last number in the series.

Something Good to Know in Order to Win at Roulette

A roulette player should never let himself be absorbed by the game: stop at the right moment. You should be able to set maximum limits on your winnings and losses, after which you will leave the gaming tables immediately. It is clear that some roulette players may decide to play further turns either in order to recover their losses or to earn more winnings.

Without disputing the worthiness of such motivations, it is preferable to leave the game in time in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Setting limits to your roulette playing has a twofold advantage. On the one hand, you will truly enjoy yourself. On the other hand, you will not get yourself broke by proceeding in this way. Furthermore, you should know that no roulette strategy is infallible. That's why you need to choose yours and perfect it as you play, as a function of your style of play.

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