Gold Roulette Software
Step by step

Step 1

Sign up on the platform.

Step 2

When you register on Gold Roulette Software, we’ll create an account in your name with the dedicated online casino. The online casino is the platform with which our roulette software interacts. Your account with the casino is in your name with your email and uses the same password as with us.

You’re now logged into Gold Roulette Software. The first step is to configure the software in the setting tab in the menu on the left.

Here’s the configuration we suggest to start out with :

Gold Roulette Software Configuration

Next, you can build your own winning strategy to increase gains by playing the various configurations. For a detailed explanation of the configurations, read:
Gold Roulette Software settings.

Step 3

Now you have 2 options: either deposit funds to play the roulette with real money, or try out the software in DEMO mode.

Try in DEMO mode

You can try out the performance of our roulette software by using the demonstration version. With this interface, we’ll pay €5,000 to your account so you can become familiar with the interface and find the right playing configurations.

We’ll let you speed up the gameplay so you can quickly see if the configuration you set is a winning one. That way, this playing mode will let you try out a maximum number of different configurations and find the one that will win you the most money at online roulette. Then, switch to REAL MODE to begin winning actual money.

Deposit funds

To do this, you’ll have to switch to REAL MODE. To be able to play with real money, you’ll need to deposit funds in the casino. To do this, click the “Add funds” button. In the online casino, you can start out with very low capital, about $30. However, we recommend starting out with at least $200 if you want the methods to pay out more quickly.

If you start out with capital that is too low, you might lose your money because the winning methods won’t be able to be carried out completely.

Step 4

Once your funds are added to your casino account, just use the roulette robot to begin winning money.